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Use our software-as-a-service application to quickly identify threats, cut operating costs and prioritize pipeline repairs to reduce risk and revolutionize your integrity management.

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The Cognitive Integrity Management SaaS solution applies machine learning and cloud technology in collaboration with Microsoft to assist pipeline operators to predict pipeline failures, reduce operational costs, and address regulatory compliance requirements. Ultimately, protecting the environment and increasing safety in all our communities.

Integrity Managers

Exert little effort to become the expert around the integrity of your assets – confirm threats detected by your team quickly and efficiently. Finally, your entire integrity management team can be trained on the entire pipeline system.

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Information Officers

Store data within the secure, state-of-the-art Microsoft Cloud. Have full control over how information is shared through the simple click of a button.

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Business Leaders

Make intelligent decisions with little effort - Interactive and 3D visualizations allow you to pinpoint details – do it with confidence.

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Copious amounts of data, miles and miles of pipeline – ingest, normalize and find threats in minutes. Focus on business decisions – tedious data mining is a thing of the past.

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How can we help your integrity management efforts?

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Drag and Drop

Simply drag and drop inline inspection (ILI) tally sheets into Cognitive Integrity Management and accurately ingest and normalize them into a standard alias classification in minutes.

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Get the big picture

Calculate anomaly growth effortlessly across the entire pipeline system, get the big picture – you now have time to analyze beyond thresholds.

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Dive deeper into interactive threats

Unlock the potential to dive deeper into analytics by considering interactive threats rather than single data points along a pipeline.

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Get ahead of the digital transformation

Achieve the goal of management to digitally transform integrity management by leveraging cutting edge machine learning capabilities and stay ahead of the curve.

Cognitive Integrity Management

OneBridge Solutions, Inc. in collaboration with Microsoft, has developed Cognitive Integrity Management using machine learning and cloud technology to assist pipeline operators to predict pipeline failures, reduce operational costs, increase staff efficiency, and address regulatory compliance requirements, to reduce spills and leaks to protect the environment, and increase safety in all our communities.

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