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Leveraging data is central to everything Cognitive Integrity Management® does.
The solution pulls in all types of integrity datasets, standardizes the formatting, aligns the records to your pipeline, and safeguards the results in a central database.

Machine Learning & Cloud-Computing

CIM applies machine learning to ingest large, complex datasets (such as ILI tallies, GIS data, CP surveys, CIS surveys, NDE results, repair information, internal corrosion monitoring, and more) and draws on cloud computing to transform them at scale and store them in a centralized database where they can be overlaid.

  • Integrate existing GIS system data
  • Upload every ILI run over the history of your pipeline
  • Standardize all reports, no matter the vendor or tool technology

As CIM ingests information, its ML performs hundreds of quality checks to ensure data is validated, clean, and ready for analysis as soon as it’s uploaded. The platform addresses data gaps to ensure that records are complete and fully traceable. The result is standardized data that creates a solid foundation for integrity management.

 Machine Learning

Automated Classification

CIM takes advantage of automated classification to normalize data from different ILI vendors. The process uses a Bayesian model trained on 6,500+ ILI pipe tallies with hundreds of unique formats to standardize inspection records based on record details.

  • Feature and anomaly information
  • Position, length, width, depth, and orientation
  • Description and comments

With CIM’s robust computing power, an operator can draw on 100% of their ILI data to compare results from different years, vendors, and tool technologies.

Alignment Algorithms

CIM applies intelligent alignment algorithms to align pipeline data using ILI odometer records, PODS linear referencing, GIS data, pipeline stationing, and various external corrosion survey information. The algorithms recognize distinctive patterns in joint length, anomaly geometry, and elements such as tool odometer drift and orientation offset from tool roll.

  • Align every single feature in an ILI tally
  • Compare anomalies with pit-to-pit matching
  • Integrate GIS, CP, NDE, and repair data

CIM’s alignment capabilities let engineers evaluate multiple datasets to assemble a clear picture of pipeline integrity.

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Data Integration and Alignment

The Business Value of Intelligent Data Integration and Alignment

Analysts spend countless hours cleaning and aligning data when they don’t have the assistance of ML. Cognitive Integrity Management® normalizes and validates your current and historical datasets with speed and accuracy.

  • Accelerate data usage with ML
  • Incorporate more datasets into analysis
  • Improve data confidence
  • Access all your integrity info from a single database

OneBridge works with pipeline operators to develop data-driven integrity management solutions.

Contact us to learn more about our Cognitive Integrity Management® platform.