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An Overview of Integrity Compliance within CIM

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of your assessment data using pre-defined conditions and analyses provided by US Federal regulations, company requirements, industry best practices and shared learnings across operators. Capabilities include:

Define Analysis
Pressure calculations

Calculate a failure/burst pressure and safe operating pressure for all metal loss, crack and crack-like anomalies, utilizing ASME B31G, modified ASME B31G, Raju-Newman, LN-Secant, MAT-8 and modified MAT-8.

Configure Threat Analytics
Corrosion growth rate

Utilize CIM’s automated alignment of pits to calculate a corrosion growth rate (CGR) via various growth rate models and methodologies. CIM can calculate a CGR from 3 or more inline inspections by fitting a multi-point trend line.

Set Compliance Conditions

Utilize CGR to determine remaining life and recommended reassessment intervals for metal loss and crack/crack-like anomalies.  

Plan Future Assessments
Fatigue crack growth

Determine a probabilistic growth rate of crack anomalies using a Simplified Fatigue Analysis (SFA) with option to conduct a Pressure Cycle Fatigue Analysis using pipeline operating pressure data.  

Access Compliance Data
Interacting features

Identify interacting features across multiple ILI reports as well as an ILI-identified feature, including a dent with metal loss or metal loss located within a road casing.  

Create Compliance Reports
Assign Action

Ability to identify specific actions for each flagged anomaly e.g. evaluate, monitor, repair, etc.  Anomalies that have been previously marked for repair are flagged and prevented from inclusion in more than one dig plan. Any historical repair data is provided for all current anomalies.

Reports and visual displays

100+ auto-generated reports that show the results of all calculations utilized in the analysis.  Visualize anomalies with a 3D viewer that provides anomaly drill-down detail including a map of the anomaly location on the pipeline system. 

API 1163 Validation

Conduct an API 1163 Level 2 and Level 3 analysis utilizing PRCI’s Performance Validation Guidelines and associated spreadsheet tool by automatically comparing uploaded evaluation data to ILI results.

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The Business Value of Streamlining Your Integrity Compliance

Staying audit-ready lets your business run smoothly. A solution like CIM eliminates months of effort from compliance work, clarifies the state of your pipeline, and simplifies the entire integrity management process along the way.


OneBridge works with pipeline operators to develop data-driven integrity management solutions.

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