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How CIM Supports Your Dig Program

Pipeline teams using Cognitive Integrity Management® for their dig program gain significant advantages. The dig management solution helps engineers optimize, plan, and schedule excavations, and also generates dig-related metrics and field documents.

Dig Analysis

Dig Analysis

Access relevant information easily—group anomalies based on single or multiple analyses. Use CIM’s Smart Dig ability to optimize the distance between targeted anomalies.

Dig Planning

Dig Planning

Schedule digs considering nearby anomalies. Prioritize urgent threats versus non-urgent excavations. CIM’s workflow tracking allows for review, approval, or rejection of plans or analyses.


Field Documents

Export field reports such as dig sheets, worklists, and repair templates to help field staff identify features and gather data for accurate anomaly history tracking.


Dig Monitoring

Generate program metrics including dig to repair ratio, repair versus replace, and burn rates. Quickly load and re-analyze new data as results are received.

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Dig Management

The Business Value of Integrated Dig Management

CIM’s unified data management makes it easier for integrity teams to combine analysis techniques and improve dig certainty. With faster access to ILI, dig, and repair data, analysts have the information needed to prioritize and plan digs cost-effectively.


OneBridge works with pipeline operators to develop data-driven integrity management solutions.

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