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How CIM Helps Operators Assess Pipeline Crack-like Flaws: Determining Remaining Life and Failure Pressures in Minutes, Not Days.

OneBridge Solutions’ Crack Management provides an efficient approach to traditional methods of crack analysis, thereby reducing the effort of exporting crack data to other applications, risking copy & paste errors, or managing disparate data formats.


Failure Pressure Calculation

Allows users to calculate failure pressures using the modified Log-Secant, Raju-Newman, MAT-8 and modified MAT-8 models, with or without tool tolerances included.


Remaining Life Estimates for Fatigue Crack Growth

Users select from fixed growth (non-linear), crack-to-crack ILI, PCFA remaining life estimates. The embedded Simplified Fatigue Analysis methodology performs basic fatigue-life estimates without requiring detailed operational pressure cycling data, allowing for quick and easy sensitivity studies.

Remaining Life Estimates for SCC Growth

Remaining Life Estimates for SCC Growth

Users select from fixed growth (linear), crack-to-crack ILI or half-life remaining life estimates, just as they do for Corrosion growth.

Post-analysis Reports

Post-analysis Reports

Helps users select crack-like flaws for remediation, and track field results to optimize their programs (where and when they need to focus their remediation efforts).

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OneBridge works with pipeline operators to develop data-driven integrity management solutions.

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