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A Brief Look at Threat Monitoring within CIM

Cognitive Integrity Management® keeps threat monitoring top of mind with actionable workflows and job information for every pit, crack, stress, hard spot, delamination, defect, or damage identified.

Anomaly Management

Threat monitoring records are generated for each anomaly in a dig plan. Users can assign actions such as evaluate, repair, cut out, or monitor.

Smart Analysis
Smart Analysis

CIM keeps anomalies from being added to more than one dig plan, and references historical repair data in analysis to maintain tracking history.

Threat Reporting
Threat Reporting

Built-in dashboards & reporting allow for multiple personas so users across the enterprise can monitor threats and access approval workflows.

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The Business Value of Integrated Dig Management

The Business Value of Accessible Threat Monitoring

Introducing more transparency to threat monitoring helps ensure the long-term performance of your pipeline infrastructure. With CIM, it’s easy to find the time-based condition of assets and produce accurate threat reports quickly.


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