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Pipeline operators must be confident their integrity data is complete, reliable and ready to use. For new inline inspection (ILI) reports, this means manual verification by integrity engineers, along with costly confirmation digs. It may take weeks or even months to check ILI data fully; however, it’s possible to validate reports in minutes.

Operators can speed up their process with Cognitive Integrity Management (CIM). With powerful ILI alignment and matching analytics, CIM automatically compares report information to an operator’s existing pool of integrity data. This data-based verification adds significant confidence to ILI data and potentially reduces the number of validation digs necessary.

This video shows how CIM’s features help operators validate ILI reports in less time.


At OneBridge, we know operators can use all of their available data to manage pipeline integrity. We created Cognitive Integrity Management (CIM) with a holistic mindset so that new ILI data can be easily aligned with previous tool runs and field results from digs.

CIM applies an advanced machine learning algorithm based on tens of millions of historical ILI records. As CIM ingests the data from an operator’s ILI report, the information undergoes hundreds of automatic validation and quality checks. Alignment for each and every data point is completed at the anomaly level against historical measurements and previous repairs.

The result is a unity plot generated in real-time.

By speeding up data validation—and subsequent unity plot generation—an operator can assess the performance of a vendor’s ILI tool. CIM’s capabilities include estimating confidence limits to verify that tool measurements are within a vendor’s stated tolerance. CIM also helps integrity engineers visualize inspection data and identify potential systemic over or under call bias in tool measurements.


Using CIM’s machine learning and data science capability, operators can validate an ILI report in just minutes. By aligning ILI data automatically, CIM produces unity plots and confidence interval estimates in a fraction of the time it would take using conventional methods. With more surety in their data, operators can eliminate expensive validation digs while strengthening their integrity program.

At OneBridge, we help operators manage integrity to predict and prevent pipeline failures. Contact us today to find out how our Cognitive Integrity Management can speed up your ILI validation.