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Does this sound familiar? The integrity department finally received the smart tool data they’ve been waiting for, and the engineers are itching to start the analysis.

But before they begin, they have to contact the GIS department to align the vendor’s data with the pipeline system. Then, they’ll have to get a hold of the historical run info for comparison—and the most up-to-date spreadsheet is on the lead analyst’s computer. Or is it?

This scenario is common in pipeline companies all across the country. And it’s frustrating for everyone involved. To find a solution, look up, look way up—not to the white fluffy things in the sky, but to the cloud, where OneBridge offers an internet-based integrity software that’s creating a world of potential.

The future of pipeline integrity is in the cloud where operators achieve seamless connectivity, world-class security, and analytic power like never before.

Always in sync

When integrity data is stored in separate areas or departments (“data silos”), engineers continuously deal with bureaucracy and red tape to get the information they need for analysis. Not to mention the headache of keeping track of who has the most up-to-date version.

When integrity data is siloed, it’s a constant guessing game to determine whether yesterday’s information is still valid today.

Centralized—cloud-based—data storage empowers business units by knocking down silos and eliminating the errors inherent in multiple datasets. With integrity information safely stored in the cloud, every department has seamless, universal access to the most current information no matter where they are, no matter when they connect.

Powerful computing capabilities

When it comes to integrity analysis, more is always better—more data, more time, more computing power. With rudimentary analysis techniques, the number of unknowns makes for a worryingly wide range of outcomes to evaluate. There simply isn’t time to do it all.

Cloud computing gives threat analysis a boost by taking on computing at an unprecedented scale. Machine learning, data science, complex algorithms—the cloud completes in minutes what it would take a personal computer hours (or even weeks) to finish.

Integrity management software, Cognitive Integrity Management (CIM), leverages cloud technology, specifically for pipeline teams. Automated and real-time reporting & analysis aid with important decisions, comparisons, and threat evaluation. And at the same time, the CIM software also checks for regulatory conditions and flags the most sensitive threats.

Always secure

Data security for pipeline operators is paramount, so a patchwork of IT directives, departmental policies, and personal initiatives is scant peace of mind when it comes to modern cybersecurity.

Take a cue from governmental agencies, Fortune 500 businesses, and the other high-profile organizations that trust the cloud’s Microsoft security to safeguard their data.

Rather than managing multiple databases spread throughout an organization, the cloud keeps data centralized under Microsoft’s secure protection. Cloud security is strong, consistent, and manageable, making one less thing for an integrity manager to worry about.

Adaptable growth

To manage pipeline integrity (and the regulator’s expectations), operators are grappling with more information than ever. Want proof? Just consider the abundance of data needed for PHMSA’s Part F&G. Business strategies, such as acquisitions, expansions, and new builds, also add to an ever-growing data store.

“Expanding your data capabilities” used to mean buying more hardware and finding a place to put it. But corporate IT departments can only handle so much as they’re busy supporting the entire organization. Trying to get more storage in-house might feel like pushing a rock uphill, as the integrity department’s needs slip through the cracks.

The cloud makes scalability seamless, with smooth access to data, whether it amounts to a few racks in a data center, or hundreds of thousands of racks in millions of data centers. No matter how much integrity info there is, the cloud never runs out of space.

World-class expertise

Hosting and managing databases in-house is a constant battle as technology evolves. A pipeline company’s IT department is already spread thin troubleshooting software and user issues, let alone implementing the industry’s latest advancements.

Engaging with an integrity management software supplier like OneBridge puts industry experts at your disposal. The CIM software leverages cutting edge Microsoft technology via the Azure cloud stack. With continuous security-health monitoring, Azure places you at the forefront of technology regarding security, privacy, and protecting intellectual property.

With Cognitive Integrity Management and the cloud, operators are working with the best in the business.

Get into the cloud

Pipeline anomalies don’t wait, and neither should threat analysis. Frustrations like breaking down data silos, waiting on inefficient processes, or second-guessing data sets are a sign you need to move to the next stage of information management.

The future of pipe integrity is bright—it isn’t in a dark storeroom in the basement; it’s in the cloud.

OneBridge can help you harness the power of the cloud. Contact us to elevate your integrity program with Cognitive Integrity Management “CIM” software. 1.877.261.7045