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With the new editable Power BI Embedded (PBIE) feature in Cognitive Integrity Management (CIM), your integrity team can save custom PBIE dashboards into the reports module and refer to them or share them within the organization on a centralized platform. Through customer PBIE dashboards, you are able to communicate corporate-specific analysis or findings with a few clicks of a button. Further, any existing PBIE dashboard can be customized and edited with any additional PBIE visualizations available within the platform.

Benefits of Editable Power BI Reports:  

  • Edit the existing PBIE dashboard available in CIM to meet company requirements  
  • Further filter PBIE reports using various data filters (i.e. vendor name/anomaly type) 
  • Create custom PBIE reports can be accessed by other members of the Integrity team  
  • Dashboards available within minutes, enterprise-wide  

As a part of the CIM 3.30 Release here are some further updates to our reporting module:  

  • Weld Alignment report to Assessment Planning reports tab 
  • Added additional fields to the Unity Plot tooltips 
  • Added Compliance Date field to Run Summary report 
  • Run Summary report now displays “No Anomaly Found” based on data from the field 

For more information on enterprise reporting please visit our website here.