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OneBridge Incorporates Cathodic Protection Survey Data into Cognitive Integrity Management

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – September 8, 2020 – OneBridge Solutions Inc. (the “Company”) today announces release of a private preview version of new functionality for its Cognitive Integrity Management (“CIM”) software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) solution that allows CIM users to incorporate Cathodic Protection Survey (“CPS”) data with their existing inline inspection (ILI), pipe property and repair data to detect potential threats. The new functionality will initially be used in private preview mode and accessible by all current users of CIM, to solicit user feedback and input as guidance for future update releases.

The new functionality is tool vendor agnostic and will allow operators to automate the correlation of CPS and ILI data in CIM to improve intelligence and decision-making capability for integrity management engineers. The release of this new functionality also serves as a foundational model to accommodate additional data sets in the future, which aligns with the Company’s development roadmap.

“This builds upon the foundation of CIM as a platform and proves out the methodology that we plan to use for incorporating additional datasets into CIM, such as soil, depth of cover, chemical mitigation analyses, and even municipal water and waste water data, should we wish to move into this market. We have received very positive feedback from clients and prospective customers with whom we conducted initial research and expect their collaborative input to continue as we evolve this component of our CIM platform,” said Jordan Dubuc, CTO. “Our data science team has been running experiments using CPS data for the last couple of months, with encouraging results, and we are optimistic that add CPS data to the library of CIM integrity compliance conditions will further our mission to advance technology for the industry with machine learning.”

“We are very excited about this new functionality and what it can bring to the industry,” said Brandon Taylor, President and COO. “We really appreciate the input and guidance our clients provide to influence our CIM platform which allows us to deliver on these types of client-driven innovations.”

Concurrent with the new product release, OneBridge has published a whitepaper that provides more insight regarding how pipeline operators can leverage this new functionality within CIM.

About OneBridge:

OneBridge Solutions Inc., develops and markets revolutionary new SaaS solutions that use advanced Data Sciences and Machine Learning to analyze big data using predictive analytics to assist oil and gas pipeline operators to predict pipeline failures and thereby save lives, protect the environment, reduce operational costs and address regulatory compliance requirements. Visit for more information. OneBridge operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of OneSoft Solutions Inc. (TSX-V:OSS, OTCQB:OSSIF).

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