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OneBridge Engages in Pilot Program with Another Fortune 500 USA-Based Company

OneBridge Solutions Inc. (“OneBridge”), subsidiary of OneSoft Solutions Inc. (the “Company” or “OneSoft”) (TSX-V:OSS, OTC:OSSIF) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Pilot Program agreement with another U.S. based, Fortune 500 petroleum company, whose operations include refineries, retail marketing and transportation of oil and gas products (the “Client”), for evaluation of OneBridge’s Cognitive Integrity Management™ (“CIM”) SaaS solution.


“This Pilot Project confirms that another Tier 1 pipeline operator has recognized the value proposition of CIM and has committed to further explore CIM’s capabilities,” said Tim Edward, President of OneBridge Canada. “The initial feedback we’ve received is very positive, as this Client is highly committed to enhance and improve their internal systems and processes to detect threats to their pipeline infrastructure, in pursuit of a zero-failure objective.”


Brandon Taylor, CTO and President of OneBridge USA, added, “Since embarking upon marketing and sales initiatives with Microsoft in September 2017, we have identified potential sales opportunities involving approximately 375,000 miles of pipeline in the U.S. operated by Microsoft customers who are also OneBridge prospects. These miles represent a significant subset of the initial target market we are pursuing and we are encouraged by this first tangible result from our collaborative sales efforts with Microsoft.”

The initial revenue associated with this contract is a nominal fixed fee which recovers OneBridge costs associated with the project. OneSoft’s objective is to retain this Client as a commercial customer who uses CIM on an ongoing basis to produce recurring revenues as is expected from the Company’s SaaS business model.

About the Client

The Client is a USA-based company, which together with its subsidiaries, is one of the largest petroleum product refiners, marketers and transporters in the United States. Its operations include multiple refineries, comprehensive terminal and transportation systems, extensive wholesale divisions and one of the largest chains of company-owned and operated retail gasoline and convenience stores within the USA. The Company’s major projects include significant investments in software and technology to streamline operations, reduce costs and provide for future growth.

About the CIM Pilot Project 

Pursuant to the terms of the arrangement, OneBridge will normalize the Client’s inline inspection (“ILI”) data for segments of its pipeline, ingest the data, map certain shape and ILI files, and align anomalies and calculate their growth rates. Using OneBridge proprietary Pattern Detection and Interacting Threats machine learning algorithms, the program is designed to detect threats using Predictive Analytics, while providing advanced business intelligence, graphical presentations, and reporting of the data that assists clients to predict pipeline failures and thereby save lives, protect the environment, reduce operational costs and address regulatory compliance requirements. Visit for more information.

OneBridge utilizes proprietary Machine Learning algorithms, a single geo-spatial database, and predictive analytics applied to structured and unstructured big data on a highly scalable level that cannot practically be replicated through manual efforts, to provide pipeline companies with the functionality they require to safely operate, manage and maintain their pipeline infrastructure as smart assets. The OneBridge Cognitive Integrity Management™ solution is deployed as a software as a service (“SaaS”) solution leveraging Data Science, Azure Machine Learning, HoloLens, Microsoft Power BI Embedded and other components of the Microsoft Azure: Cloud Platform and Services.

About OneSoft Solutions Inc.

OneSoft Solutions Inc. has developed software technology and products that have capability to transition legacy, on premise licensed software applications to operate on the Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Cloud, in conjunction with Office 365, CRM Online, Microsoft BI and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. OneSoft’s business strategy is to seek opportunities to convert legacy business software applications that are historically cumbersome to deploy and costly to operate, to a more cost-efficient subscription based business model utilizing the Microsoft Azure: Cloud Platform and Services, with accessibility through any internet capable device. Visit for more information.