Save lives and protect the environment from pipeline failures - pay as you go

Cognitive Integrity Management provides an economical, efficient, and highly accurate solution to support pipeline integrity management. Being a SaaS solution, you have the flexibility of integrating Cognitive Integrity Management to your current processes any way you like. Try it out for specific problem segments or apply it to your entire pipeline – you’re in command.

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How to get started

  • Upload one Segment and the associated assessments.
  • We’ll analyze them with Cognitive Integrity Management and conduct an onsite workshop to review the results.
  • We’ll likely find stuff you haven’t and if you have “truth” data, we’ll compare our results to yours.
  • You’ll know how well your existing processes are working.
  • One-time fixed fee. You decide on whether to continue.

Succeed Fast / Fail Fast

Little capital and time investment is required to determine whether Cognitive Integrity Management is a success or failure. The pilot requires minimal staff time and you’ll know in 1-3 weeks if the pilot worked for you.

Simplicity is key 

Whether you have a small section of pipeline or thousands of miles of pipeline, you can reap the benefits of Cognitive Integrity Management for an affordable price. We work with your integrity management budget – leveraging the value of modern cloud technology has never been easier.

Learn how Cognitive Integrity Management can prevent pipeline failures - pay as you go.

We have helped Fortune 500 companies like you with predicting pipeline failures with the assistance of machine learning. Let us show you how.

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