Data Normalization

Standardize and validate inline inspection tally sheet data accurately with the click of a button. Cognitive Integrity Management ingests data and normalizes it according to the alias classification model within a few minutes with a high confidence interval. Manually sifting through mismatched tedious data sets is a thing of the past – confidence restored.

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Normalize your data with one click

Multiple File Import Graphic

Get Data

Simply gather your tally sheets. Drag and drop them into Cognitive Integrity Management.

Data Normalization Standard Alias Classification

Ingest Data

Once your data is loaded leave it to the Cognitive Integrity Management ingestion algorithm to normalize your data into a standard alias classification model in minutes.

Export data

Store Data

After the normalization has run, data is stored in a hybrid implementation of PODS within the Microsoft Cloud. The data is accessible to users with permission anywhere, anytime, any device – securely.

Standardizing and validating data accuracy

Insights provide SMEs with a high degree of confidence compared to present day

Our ingestion algorithm normalizes inline inspection data into an alias classification model within minutes

Take all of your pipeline tally sheet data into account not just thresholds – gain visibility into the entire pipeline system

Learn how Cognitive Integrity Management can prevent pipeline failures - pay as you go.

We have helped Fortune 500 companies like you with predicting pipeline failures with the assistance of machine learning. Let us show you how.

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