Detect Patterns and Prioritize Threats to Your Oil & Gas Pipeline

Get the big picture – Cognitive Integrity Management will analyze patterns in your data sets

Our Cognitive Integrity Management solution ingests enterprise level inline inspection feature data and scans for patterns that suggest possible threats to the integrity of the pipeline. The software bubbles up these threats and prioritizes them for your team of SMEs to further analyze findings – this process is done in minutes … not days. Let our system sift through the data and your SMEs confirm the findings.

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Cognitive Integrity Management is to able mine copious amounts of data in minutes and detect patterns much like financial institutions do with fraud detection. These patterns are detected and reported so that your SMEs can assess them further

The solution takes the knowledge acquired from all OneBridge customers leveraging the technology to identify similar trends in your data. Take advantage of industry learnings without jeopardizing your own data

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Learn how Cognitive Integrity Management can prevent pipeline failures - pay as you go.

We have helped Fortune 500 companies like you with predicting pipeline failures with the assistance of machine learning. Let us show you how.

Make pipeline failures a thing of the past.

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