Identify Interactive Threats to the Pipeline

Unlock the ability to see how historic anomalies and features interact and impact the pipeline

Cognitive Integrity Management can identify features that are overlapping, this means it can determine scenarios such as finding dents with corrosion growth in an area with coating failure and how they impact one another. Further, the solution provides a confidence probability and weights the threat level to help assist SMEs with prioritizing the interactive threats.

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Cognitive Integrity Management has the capability to the calculate anomaly growth and their interaction with one another. By taking both physical and environmental pipe data, such as pipe material and soil, Cognitive Integrity Management is able to provide the foresight required to identify threats before they become a financial and time burden

Leverage the power of predictive analytics and robust interactive reporting to review prioritized threats and proactively decide which ones require immediate attention based on location, threat level, corrosion growth, and resources required

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