Predictive Analytics Meets Integrity Management

Be a part of the digital transformation and introduce predictive analytics to your integrity management efforts

SME’s can learn and capture threats to the integrity of pipeline assets and share that knowledge algorithmically without sharing data. Machine learning and big data are revolutionizing the way anomaly detection, growth, and prediction analysis is being done in the pipeline transportation industry. Unlock the potential to analyze interactive threats and detect patterns – get ahead of the digital transformation.

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The algorithm uses multiple stages to identify unique weld alignment scenarios, imposes cleanup, and self-inspection stages to then come up with the best linear and orientation shift based on an area cluster. The pit to pit, one to many and many to one, alignment is done globally across the entire segment and sets a baseline on which to test the integrity of the asset.

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Depth Metrics

Utilizes standard machine learning methodologies to statistically highlight where “depth uncertainty” may exist as a result of potential issues with tool tolerance, NDE, and all other measurement variables. We are looking at all inline inspection (ILI) feature data and registering it in bulk.

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Pattern Detection

Our Cognitive Integrity Management solution ingests enterprise level inline inspection feature data and scans and reviews for patterns that suggest possible threats to the integrity of the pipeline. The software bubbles up these threats and prioritizes them for your team of SMEs to further analyze – this process is done in minutes … not days. Let our system sift through the data and your SMEs confirm the findings.

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Interactive Threats

Cognitive Integrity Management can identify features that are overlapping, this means it can determine scenarios such as finding dents with corrosion growth. Further, the solution provides a confidence probability and weights the threat level to help assist SMEs with prioritizing the combined effect.

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