Business Intelligence and 3D Visualization

Take business intelligence and visualization to the next level

Data is displayed on the pipe through simulated 3D representations showing threats as identified by Cognitive Integrity Management algorithms and the interacting patterns. Bubble up and drill down into details through interactive visualizations that can be customized for any audience. Go to your next integrity management meeting prepared with real-time insights, knowledge at your fingertips in minutes.

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Anomaly growth summary

Business Intelligence

As with all big data initiatives, the ability to reduce the noise and assemble the data into actionable priorities is where the value lies. Cognitive Integrity Management makes this possible through leveraging embedded business intelligence and integrating machine learning so that your team is paying attention to the right threats every time, with precision.

3D visualization close up

3D Visualization

Get the full picture, through our 3D pipeline visualization. Pinpointing growth, patterns, and interactive threats has never been easier. Simply drill down to the specific anomaly location, detail and rotation along the pipeline – analysis that is razor sharp, secure and real-time.

Learn how Cognitive Integrity Management can prevent pipeline failures - pay as you go.

We have helped Fortune 500 companies like you with predicting pipeline failures with the assistance of machine learning. Let us show you how.

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