Transform Pipeline Integrity Management

Transform pipeline integrity management through an enterprise SaaS (software as a service) based solution.

Get the big picture - gain visibility into anomaly threats on the pipeline in minutes, bubble up priority issues or drill down and pinpoint areas along your entire pipeline system. Streamline, predict and analyze – leave manual time consuming processes behind. Focus on what’s important - making pipeline failures a thing of the past.

Make pipeline failures a thing of the past.

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Modern Cloud Solution

Lead the adoption of a modern cloud solution and be a leader to the integrity team in expanding their capabilities to review all the anomaly and features on the pipeline

Elevate Confidence Levels

Elevate excavation confidence levels for your integrity engineers to execute and pin point the exact location of anomaly growth and do it with confidence – zero pipeline failures

Identify Interactive Threats

Leverage the ability to finally gather insights from pattern detection and interactive threats rather than relying on single data points

Bubble Up and Drill Down

Gain visibility into your entire pipeline system – bubble up and drill down into the finest level of detail leveraging Cognitive Integrity Management’s interactive business intelligence platform

Interactive Visualizations

Present invaluable findings through real-time reporting and interactive visualizations in minutes to your executive team

Cognitive Integrity Management

Data Normalization screenshot

Data Normalization

Standardizing and validating data accuracy

Efficiently ingest, normalize and align complicated data sets in minutes with confidence. Move away from manual data analysis and free up the time of your most valuable resources to work on value-add engineering projects.

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Cognitive Learning

Recognize and capture threats to the integrity of pipeline assets and share that knowledge algorithmically without sharing data

Leverage the power of machine learning algorithms to pinpoint undiscovered anomalies based on statistical analysis. Gone are the days of expensive excavations with little results – dig with confidence and remove the threat of failures.

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Growth by Anomaly

Business Intelligence & Visualization

Assemble data with actionable priorities through Power BI Embedded

Gain real-time insights of your entire pipeline in minutes – better yet, see it in 3D. Take control over your pipeline system and surface the business intelligence required to act on threats to your pipelines. Zero pipeline failures, protect lives – save the environment.

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Learn how Cognitive Integrity Management can prevent pipeline failures - pay as you go.

We have helped Fortune 500 companies like you with predicting pipeline failures with the assistance of machine learning. Let us show you how.

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