Provide immediate and more effective emergency response capability

We intuitively address emergency situations by initially calling 911. This is why OneBridge has partnered with emergency responders to create an immediate response plan when the smell of gas or an oil leak is reported to the 911 network.

Enhance your ability to address emergency situations by aggregating all of the information you need. Instantly.

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OneBridge assimilates all of the information and factors that need to be considered to address an emergency. Disparate third party factors, including environmental and current meteorological information, is instantly aggregated with company data. Assessment of all information in full visual context provides the opportunity to formulate the best response plan to protect the safety of the affected public, and to reduce potential damages to the environment and infrastructure within the consequence area.

Leverage social media and communication tools to disseminate information via the cloud

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OneResponse can immediately identify and enable communications with first responders, public officials and the affected public within the consequence area. Time is precious during an emergency, and mitigating the safety of the affected people is paramount.

OneBridge’s scalable applications can process big data to enable quick and efficient decisions

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OneBridge extends the power of Microsoft’s Cloud technologies to develop state of the art solutions for pipeline companies. We harness Microsoft Azure to handle the massive amounts of data produced by pipeline operations and integrity assessments. The use of advanced analytics, web/mobile access and Office 365 productivity tools provides functionality that cannot be replicated with legacy systems. HoloLens and advanced graphics convert data to highly intuitive visual presentations. Reporting supports business intelligence with dashboard capabilities.